The ANCHOR system achieves a new performance by visualizing HIV1 retrotranscription and integration in living cells – Journal of Virology

We are very excited to be able to visualize the pre-integration complex and the fate of the HIV1 genome in living cells. The ANCHORTM technology is for us the state of the art technology allowing for the first time thorough investigation of HIV1 biology and response to antiviral treatment directly in living cells. The technology is the only one compatible with CLEM (correlative light-electron microscopy) to dissect the ultrastructural structure of the HIV1 particle. The fact that the ANCHORTM technology does not modify HIV1 virus biology offers an unprecedented view of the dynamics of this virus in living cells.
institut pasteur
Francesca Di Nunzio, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France.

This application to retrovirus biology follows our proof of concept with GEG Tech where we have been able to visualize the fate of ANCHORTM tagged autofluorescent LentiOneTM lentivirus genome upon transduction of cells in real time.