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Evaluating drug’s performance, finding tomorrows blockbusters

Drug discovery

We can adapt the ANCHOR™ system to any kind of DNA, whether it is viral, animal or plant cell-based

It is possible for us to carry out drug discovery campaigns in various fields (gene therapy, oncology, etc.) using the Anchor system.

We can also offer to label a  protein target of your choice and watch the modulation of its expression by immunofluorescence in the presence of different inhibitors or activators of interest. Our screening platform equipment (CellInsight CX7) will allow us to perform many conditions in a short time and with sensitivity and quantification at the cellular level. We have a strong track record of screening campaign leading to drug discovery and patent protection.


Virus replication NeoVirtech

Our ANCHOR™ viruses are available in high-throughput imaging, making it a major tool for antiviral research and development. Combined with HCS microscopy and detection algorithm, it provides the fastest and the most robust techniques to discover new antivirals.

This allows us to rapidly set up the entire pre-clinical antiviral development pipeline:

  • drug discovery campaign (low, medium or high number of compounds), selectivity index calculation, hit sorting
  • hit validation and lead development
  • Determination of broad spectrum activities
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Target identification, resistant strain generation
Pr. Pierre Cordelier
We are fortunate to collaborate with NeoVirtech on several projects. They provide unique strategies to better address complex biological questions in live cells in real-time. With their help, we were able to visualize for the first time the behavior of oncolytic virus in preclinical models of pancreatic cancer, a disease with no cure. We obtained crystal clear experimental data that could definitely accelerate the transfer of therapeutic innovation to patient with this disease. I highly recommend Franck and team, as seeing is believing !
Pr. Pierre Cordelier
CRCT Inserm
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Dr. Philippe ErbsHead
Transgene SA is a biopharmaceutical company developing for more than 30 years innovative targeted-immunotherapies to answer unmet medical needs in the oncology and infectious disease fields. We were looking for a rapid and efficient solution to investigate the behavior of our products using high-resolution quantitative microscopy. NeoVirTech’s autofluorescence technology and screening platform allowed us to precisely visualize, understand and compare the behavior of our products directly using live cell microscopy techniques. The beauty and quality of the data they can generate open a new perspective for our activities, boosting up our research and validation processes. Thank you NeoVirTech for this ongoing precious collaboration.
Dr. Philippe ErbsHead
Oncolytic Virus Department. Transgene S.A, Illkirch Graffenstaden, France
Thursday, August 31, 2017