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The most extended virus collection with a One Health vision

Virus collection

For human and animal

We can manage the construction of any kind of autofluorescent viruses or viral vectors for imaging application. We work on different kind of starting materials, from plasmid to large oncolytic vectors. Our technology has been applied to investigate the dynamics of a broad variety of DNA. Our virus collection is constantly expending.

As the ANCHOR system is not suitable to tag RNA viruses, we use classical virology readouts such as high throughput quantification of cytopathic effect, TCID50 or qPCR. Other readouts such as high throughput immunofluorescence are also available for some viruses.

ANCHOR™ tagged viruses

Any viruses having a dsDNA phase can be tagged with ANCHOR™. Here you will find a list of viruses available for immediate use. We annually expand this collection with new viruses to quickly respond to human or veterinary threat.

Your virus of interest is not in this list? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution!

Human market

Herpes virus
  • hCMV ANCHOR (published – Mariamé et al. J.Virol 2018)
  • hCMV ANCHOR Letermovir Resistant
  • hCMV ANCHOR Ganciclovir resistant
  • EBV ANCHOR (under validation)
  • HSV1 ANCHOR (in production)
  • Vaccinia virus ANCHOR
  • Lentivirus HIV1 derived ANCHOR (several including IN deficient, in collaboration with GEG Tech)
  • HIV1 ANCH (in collaboration with  Pasteur Institute)
  • HPV16 ANCH (in collaboration with Munster university)
  • HBV ANCH (in collaboration with Gotteborg institute)
Other viruses
  • AAV2/H1 ANCH

Animal market

  • MYXV Vaccinal strain ANCHOR
  • MYXV pathogenous strain ANCHOR
  • AFSV ANCHOR (in collaboration with Madrid University)
  • Cowpox ANCHOR
  • LSDV ANCHOR (in recombination)
Herpes virus
  • Equine HV1 ANCHOR

Non-ANCHOR™ tagged viruses

We work on other non-ANCHOR tagged viruses on request.

Human market

RNA viruses
  • Influenza H1N1,
  • RSV,
  • enterovirus ED68,
  • SARS-CoV-2

Animal market

RNA viruses
  • Calicivirus,
  • Avian influenza (including highly pathogenous H5N8)
DNA viruses
  • EHV4
  • Falconid HV1