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The most advanced DNA visualization system in living cells

Anchor Solution

No fixation, no extraction, no reagents

Breakthrough technology

Autonomous visualization of viral DNA replication in living cells

No false positive

Score only infectious particles (contrary to qPCR)


Quantitative and qualitative result

Easy to use, rapid

No extraction, no post processing, direct cost-efficient.


Combination with classical staining techniques (ie.: immunofluorecence)


Can be applied to any dsDNA viruses in any cells or organism

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation - Unsplash

a new generation of autofluorescent system allowing the visualization of viral DNA in living cells

Modify virus and screen them through upcoming generations

Anchor™ technology

How it works

  1. The ANCH sequence: short (from 200NT to 1kb) and unique (non repetitive), the sequence contains nucleation seeds for the binding of OR proteins. Insertion of the sequence in the viral genome does not perturb DNA metabolism or virus production.
  2. The OR-fluorescent protein expressing gene which specifically recognizes and spreads on the ANCH sequence, triggering the formation of a fluorescent focus easily detectable and quantifiable by microscopy (either classical or High Content). The strong accumulation of OR-FP protein onto its cognate ANCH sequence (up to 500 OR-FP/ANCH) is far enough to detect single DNA molecules. Therefore, fluorescent spot corresponds to the position of a single viral DNA copy.

The ANCH sequence is cloned upstream of the Or-FP expressing gene and inserted directly inside the DNA of interest (plasmid, gene, transposon, virus, viral vector used in gene therapy or oncolytic products). This autonomous ANCHOR cassette will convert target DNA into an autofluorescent molecule. NeoVirTech can use up to four different ANCHOR systems, with different length and fused to their corresponding fluorescent proteins, that can be used in combinations to detect several class of DNA simultaneously. Using the ANCHORTM technology, fitness studies visualizing co-infection of several viruses in real time are now possible.

Classical workflow
  • Access to the ANCHORTM technology and transfer to the customer’s R&D laboratory
  • Technical support and troubleshooting until completion of specific project.
  • Tag any kind of DNA in living cells
  • Combine ANCHORTM tagged DNA with classical imaging techniques such as immunofluorescence
  • Generate high quality data using classical microscopy
  • Fees are requested for production / development / troubleshooting and maintenance of IP protection.
  • Several offers available, you can request a MTA here :
    • Discovery pack (trial version): one ANCHORTM system. MTA duration: 6 months, restricted use of modifications. MTA fees: 1000€. Happy with the system ? Shift to complete pack for unlimited use.
    • Complete pack: all available ANCHORTM system (4 constructs, several colors). MTA duration: 2 years (free MTA renewal), unlimited use of modifications. MTA fees: 2000€
    • Advanced pack: Complete pack + One of our available autofluorescent virus. MTA duration: 2 years (free MTA renewal), unlimited use of modifications. MTA fees: 4000€

Imaging platform

High content imaging

NeoVirtech screening platform

Our viruses are especially suitable for high content screening campaign for the discovery of active compounds. We offer several screening models for antiviral discovery in human and animal health. We also propose screening services using your own models (such as oncolytic or gene therapy products) and our internal compound libraries (1200 FDA approved compounds). This service has proven to be efficient in the discovery of antiviral, vaccine adjuvant or oncolytic modulators (activator / inhibitor).



  • Drug discovery in human and animal health
  • Measure of oncolytic product or gene therapy product activity on specific cell lines
  • Interaction of oncolytic or gene therapy product with existing treatment

High resolution imaging

NeoVirtech labs

NeoVirTech performs high resolution imaging in living cells of your specific construct to decipher its action. We have already developed custom ANCHOR TM viruses or viral vectors for specific application such as antiviral discovery, gene transfer studies, viral based vaccine development, oncolytic virotherapies and other broad applications, depending on customer’s interest.



  • Understand the behavior of a specific virus/vector / compound in development

  • Illustrate and communicate on your product for investor /media


Laboratory, up to BSL3

We have at our disposal different levels of laboratory containment depending on the class of virus used (exemple below):

  • Biological Safety Level 2: hCMV, Adenovirus, RSV
  • Biological Safety Level 2+: influenza, poxvirus
  • Biological Safety Level 3: SARS-CoV-2, highly pathogenous influenza

Our laboratory meets perfectly the recommendation for work in confinement laboratory and only trained personal has access to certain confinement levels. We ensure the safety of our personal and of the environnementenvironment.

Neovirtech BSL3
NeoVirtech BSL3
NeoVirtech labs

Screening platform

2 pipetting robots for automatic library handling coupled with a CX7 cell insight screening microscope. Secured transfer to internal server displaying daily backup. We ensure the confidentiality and conservation of your datas.